"I cannot say enough about the way Juster Pope Frazier - and in particular Kevin Chrobak and Maria Chao - worked with all of us at Stoneleigh Burnham when we did our most recent renovation. Not only are they consummate and impressive professionals, they are also caring and considerate people who are very easy and fun to be around.  From start  to  finish,  they were  right  beside  us,  guiding  and supporting  as  we  made  the  very  important  decisions  in any  building project. It is hard to imagine any school finding someone more satisfying to work with; I highly recommend them.”

Sally Mixsell, Head of School, Stoneleigh Burnham School, Greenfield Massachusetts

“Juster, Pope, Frazier has played a crucial role in the planning and design of our core campus over the last ten years, working on twelve projects for us. They provide insightful and creative design drawing from and  enhancing  the  character  of  our  campus.  They  work  without  ego towards  common  goals  in  a  highly collaborative and empowering way. They deliver what they promise, on budget, on time and without breaking a sweat. Juster Pope Frazier has a unique ability to navigate the many aspects of design and construction with respect, grace and humor. I have no doubt you would be very well served by working with them." 

Robert Lavigne, Associate Vice President of Facilities, Nichols College, Dudley Massachusetts

“Kevin is first and foremost a good man. His interests are his client’s interests. I know he takes pride in his work, but his humility calls him to let his work do his talking. He has an ear to truly hear the desires and  aspirations of his clients. He has a keen eye to envision how facilities can outwardly reflect the mission of a school.  His  skills  as  an  architect  most recently  allowed  Saint  John’s  to  work  through  a  major  building  campaign without any problems - given the complexity of the project and the number of trades involved, this  was  no  easy  task.  Kevin  was masterful  in  all  aspects.  There  are  times  in  life  when  we  personally choose to express our gratitude, and the most authentic times are when we are not asked to do so.

Michael W. Welch, Retired Headmaster, Saint John’s High School, Shrewsbury Massachusetts

“ Among other attributes, you’re as good a listener as I’ve ever met, and I really enjoy your humor as well as your know how.  What a job you’ve done for us. As I said in my small  part  in  our  shared  presentation  to  the MHS  Board,  the  culture  of  our  group  has  been  quite extraordinary. We  come  from  all  corners  of  the  MHS  mosaic,  and  so  often  in  such groups,  rank  or  a pecking order quickly becomes apparent. Naturally some of us were more talkative than others, but my distinct  recollection  is that  whatever  the  quantity  or  the  volume  of  ideas  expressed,  it  was always  the quality of the idea that prevailed. That was part of what made our process so exciting for me, and, after decades of serving in such groups, it is why I regard our work as genuinely remarkable. The results speak for themselves.”

Pete Jaques, Board of Trustees, Miss Hall’s School, Pittsfield Massachusetts 

" Whether it was working individually with staff or students to obtain their opinions and visions for the new academic space, the staff of Juster Pope Frazier were professional and used humor to guide us through the process. Their presentation to the Board of Trustees eased concerns and answered questions in a way that allowed everyone to understand the vision and purposes of the spaces. While many architects bring their vision into a project, the staff at Juster Pope Frazier listened to understand and made design features that met our needs and vision, not the other way around."

Christopher Sandford, Headmaster - Woodstock Academy, Woodstock CT.

"Please let Kevin know that it was one of the best sets of bid documents I’ve dealt with in a long time. You should be able to lower your Change Order contingency accordingly. I’d bid his work anytime. Good luck. It will be a handsome building and I’m sure an asset to Nichols College. I only regret we won’t be a part of it."

Jack Williams, Senior Estimator, CE Floyd General Contractors

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