Change is Good

The launch of our new website ends our latest phase of understanding and identifying the nature and "mission statement" of our firm. I've never been terribly comfortable integrating words with architecture so our mission statement like our practice is succinct and clean: 

Live inspired, do good, create beauty.

I wanted language that spoke to the beginnings of Juster Pope Frazier examining qualities of the three partners, Norton Juster (live inspired), Earl Pope (create beauty) and Jack Frazier (do good), to define the culture, aspirations and tenets of our office. Clean and succinct, easily understood. 

Change is good. The evolution of Juster Pope Frazier has left us a bit stronger and more able to select projects that we want to work on as opposed to doing projects that we need to work on. It has also allowed us flexibility to focus our attention a bit further on charitable giving , fundraising and pro bono work. The best lessons learned over twenty five years of experience remain the ones that are the easiest to articulate. Never forget you're spending someone else's money; redundancy is a good thing; mutual respect is a strength; quantity of work does not equate to quality of work. Live inspired. Do good. Create beauty.