Trekking about Northern Arizona, we've spent the last few days in the landscape of Sedona. Sedona seems to have developed most fully since 1962 on, and if ever there is a need for smart, comprehensive planning, Sedona is it.  There does not seem to be a center to Sedona, just sprawl along the two main highways of town.  Thankfully, there is no denying the astonishing beauty of the landscape overlooking the town but it seems only to point out the folly of what is going on below it. 

That said, I am enormously grateful to have been able to trek amongst these monstrous beauties, carrying Bach Magnificat on the way in and Shostakovich, String Quartet No. 1 on the way out. It turns out that listening to music on the hike is a great way to focus on the astonishing visual scale and diversity of the desert.  All in all a very humbling and inspiring place to be.

We're off to Fort Worth, checking out the Kimball, since we're in the neighborhood.