News at JPF

Despite a great interview, we struck out on the Tisbury Fire Station, " a very close second place". Note to selection committees, it's alot easier if we are told that we weren't selected as opposed to almost selected. No one wants to hear that their on the losing end of a four to three vote. 

Moving on, we are very excited about short list interviews for the Hilltown Cooperative Charter School next week.  The school patterns its curriculum after Reggio Emilia methods, we remain intrigued with the possibilities there and inspired with their vision.

We are also beginning renovation and restoration work for the Franklin County Community Development Corporation and their First National Bank building on Bank Row in downtown Greenfield.

Concurrently, we are about to begin construction on the Chicopee Health Center Pharmacy and renovations for the Community Health Center of Franklin County, and a historic preservation project for Nichols College. Our eight million dollars, 130 bed dormitories at Nichols are quickly coming to a close with completion mid July, 2009.