It has been a year now since the great demise, the tanking of the global economy and we are doing fine. Are we lucky that we are a relatively small office doing decent sized projects for great clients? I have this habit of trying to step outside my normal point of view to try and see just what it is we're doing and what it is we've done. I think that is a healthy habit to have. So... here is what we have done since December 2005, in no particular order.

Anna Maria College Coghlin Residence Hall, Anna Maria College Fuller Fitness Center, Nichols College Copper Beech Suite Residence Halls and Quadrangle, Village Congregational Church, Wesley United Methodist Church, Luso Federal Credit Union, Tully Fire Station, WFCR Springfield Studio, Northampton Senior Center, Mary McColgan Housing, UMASS Transit Center, UMASS New Africa House, DA Sullivan Offices, Juster Pope Frazier Offices.

On the boards: Community Health Center of Franklin County, First National Bank Renovation and Restoration, St. John's Athletics Fieldhouse and Fitness Center and the United Methodist Church of Enfield.

So we've been busy.