April 2, 2010

We are seeing a noticeable uptick in project inquiries, though financing does seem a bit difficult to get a handle on for some of our clients. Over the years, spring thaw does tend to get folks looking to build, though by that time, it can be a bit late to offset the added costs of winter conditions. It's interesting that clients really don't understand the timing and complexity of architectural design work, lack of information and education the most likely culprits.

We'll know in the next week whether pressure is on to generate more work. Though able to maintain a steady workload, it's always good to know that you don't have to "find work" and have the flexibility to be a bit more selective of what we do and what we pursue.

That said, general contractors remain quite slow... I suspect that this will change in the six to eight months between project inquiry to starting construction. So, if you can afford to build, now is the time to act.