Alas, part 2

Word has come down that we are not quite worthy of selection for the Mason Square / Indian Motocycle project. Lost out, yet again, to a Boston firm. Ample frustration certainly, but it was an honor to be shortlisted. I do have to say that there is minimal support from local folks to hire local architects despite our best efforts to convince them otherwise. Renovation projects in particular are notoriously difficult during construction given the onslaught of concealed conditions and vagaries of as built documentation. Proximity is definitely helpful and being two hours proximate doesn't necessarily help.

On a more positive note, bids came in for our O'Leary project at Elms College approximately 85K below budget. We're hopeful that Elms will use these savings to continue forward momentum on other projects we have been working with them on. Colleges are facing high expectations from potential students coupled with increasing competition from other institutions building better and more expensive space for those same students. Smaller institutions, like Elms, face hard choices.