Ruminations at 4 AM

It has been a compelling month with an enormous amount of work completed. Nichols Campus Center has hit the streets. We're waiting, anxiously, for a GMP from Lauring Construction. We also put out a health center renovation job and are about to put out a schematic design estimate package for Elms College Science Center. The pipeline is still chock full of work which explains the never ending early rise.

There does seem to be a fair amount of competition out there still but things are picking up, at least from our point of view. The last month, or so, of sixteen hour days has taken a bit of a toll, but the work is good, very good.

We try to stay in touch with "the market" through conversations with several contractors, general and sub, sales representatives and vendors. There has been consistent comments about materials and equipment increases of ten to fifteen percent, across the board, due to increase in fuel costs.