We have reached the middle of 2011, still working on several great projects while laying the groundwork for the future. Three projects, O'Leary Renovations at Elms College, Franklin County Community Health Center and the Campus Center at Nichols College are under construction. A new Academic building for Elms College is in design development and we are about halfway through a master plan for Stoneleigh-Burnham School.

We have a backlog of projects including the South End Community Center, Kuppenheimer Hall Renovations at Nichols College, a new Northampton Residence and Berchmans Hall Renovations at Elms College. I might very well be forgetting one or two things as well. It is all compelling work, so much so that you just can't turn away from any of it. President's Residence at Nichols College, I knew I was forgetting something.

We're also planning a Fall fundraiser for the UMASS Museum of Contemporary Art at our studios and working towards funding an appearance by Howard Gardner in 2012, more details to follow on that one.

So the early mornings continue.