November 2011

We usually use the "Thanksgiving Break" to sit back and reflect on what we've done and where we're going. So... here is where we are: Nichols College Student Center is well under way. The structural work, foundations and steel frame are nearly complete and we expect the exterior metal stud work will begin soon. We've got a substantial start on the Nichols President House, working with a sterling building committee, and our "kickoff meeting" for the Nichols Athletics and Recreation Master Plan is set for December 1.
Nichols has made incredible strides in the last five years and we're enormously grateful to be working with them on that progress.

Elms College Science, Mathemetics and Technology Center is in the midst of working drawings and it is shaping up for bidding in early February 2012. We're pleased with how this building is shaping up and we've gotten to the point where we expect to see the built building when we walk on campus. Groundbreaking remains several months away once Spring 2012 is in the books.

Stoneleigh Burnham School Master Plan is complete. We have really enjoyed working with everyone at this wonderful school and we're very optimistic that they have the leadership and "message" to raise money and get cracking. We'd love to continue working with SBS, much like we've done with Nichols.

We've clearly moved away from public projects these days. Given their scarcity and the near desperate bidding going on in this sector, we're pleased to be thriving without it. We're working hard to be able to maintain that point of view.